How America Pretends Black People Are Overreacting to Racism, Burning of Black Churches

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III via Kulture Kritic

With so much racial divide in this country, it is no surprise that Blacks and Whites view crimes differently in many cases. In a story in The Washington Post, writer Janell Ross argued that Blacks view the church shooter, Dylann Roof, as a terrorist, while Whites do not.

The history and founding of the AME Church itself proves how the denomination challenged racism and slavery in the 18th century. The role of the Church during the slave rebellion of Denmark Vesey is a clear example of what the church stood for and how it impacted not only the lives of those in South Carolina, but throughout the world.

According to a story in the Atlanta Blackstar, “A recent study from the New America Foundation found that white supremacists and domestic extremist groups are a far greater threat to national security than Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS. Since 9/11, white domestic terrorists have killed 48 people within U.S. borders, while 26 were killed by radical Islamic terrorists.

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